::ReStyle // week 5::

Saturday 5 February 2011

Yes, another ReStyle involving a flower. This week I ReStyled an old {circa 2005} cardigan. I bought it because I love the color, but only ended up wearing it once. You may be asking yourself, "why do you still have it?" I asked the same thing.
1. I started with an old, knitted cardigan, scissors, buttons, needle & thread, safety pin and a fake flower.
2. It's hard to tell from the picture, but the cardigan had a row of iridescent, pink beads. I removed these for a more casual look-- snipping them off one at a time {it was tedious}.
3. And, I took off the pair of pink buttons, too.

4. I sewed on two mismatched brass buttons for a more original look.

5. Attached the flower with a simple safety pin so it's easy to remove for washing.

Finally, I
asked my friend, Danielle, to model the final product.

For those of you that don't know about Elise & Rachel's Project ReStyle, you can read all about it here and begin ReStyling yourself. There's also a Flickr group where people from all over the country are uploading their ReStyle pictures-- in case you need some inspiration.

And remember, the giveaway ends on Tuesday. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


  1. So cute! Love the finished project! I would definitely wear that now.

  2. Love the choice of buttons. Makes a world of difference.


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