artist spotlight // mathilde aubier

Thursday 3 October 2013

I took some time today to organize my home studio, which was long overdue. Somehow, new vintage items had made their way in there. Magic, I tell ya. Among the vintage shoes, antique display pieces and glass bottles, there's lots of collected paper. Vintage maps, postcards, wallpaper, journals and photos. I've always planned to do collage work, but it just hasn't taken priority. When I came across Mathilde's work, I become a bit more motivated.

source: Mathilde Aubier's portfolio

::artist spotlight // carly waito::

Monday 23 September 2013

Can you believe these are paintings? I love the colors and the way she makes them shine. These would make such a statement piece, blown up on a large living room wall. 

Artist Carly Waito


Friday 2 August 2013

Jay and I finally invested in a crab pot. Summers in Virginia Beach are perfect for Chesapeake Bay blue crabs. You'll have to get a local to show you, but there's a whole science to eating these guys. After a day and a half, we already have two crabs. One is a male (the bluer one on the top shelf) and one female (the one with the reddish front craws). We throw females back in the water and hope for more males to climb into the pot.

::plain white tee::

Tuesday 30 July 2013

An absolute favorite in my closet is a plain white t-shirt. Although, I've only recently been investing in high quality tees that will last more than a season. Dress it up, dress it down. Crew neck or v-neck. What's better, is finding a nice vintage one that's already worn in and perfectly soft. 

from top left to right: 1  /  2  /  3  /  4  /  5  /  6

::house project // 1::

Tuesday 30 July 2013

One of my goals is to complete more house projects. I have a whole Pinterest board of things to make, and I'd like to actually make a few. I put this together in about 10 minutes a couple weekends ago.

I usually find any excuse to make a stop at a thrift store, especially if I'm nearby. On one of these impromptu stops I found this little pot with two holes on each side and knew it would be perfect for a hanging plant. Luckily, I had some extra plants lying around that were perfect for the pot.

I'd like to find a vintage ceiling hook, but that black one was on hand and works for the time being. It's a nice addition to this corner of the kitchen.

So, this is just the beginning of a whole series of house projects.

::celebrate independence::

Thursday 4 July 2013

There's lots + lots to be thankful for.


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::welcome back, MRS::

Monday 24 June 2013

Let's take a moment to wipe off those cobwebs that gathered since...February! 

On June 1st, Jay and I got married in a garden with our family and closest friends. It was a dream. I mean, completely magical and the best day of my life. In order to relive it, I'll be sharing a few images, DIY projects and our wedding trailer here soon!

We were so overwhelmed with love, and so grateful for the people who celebrated with us. My mom played a huge part in making this dream come true, and topped it all off by making the most beautiful dress I'll ever wear. It was so special planning this with her and my little sister/maid of honor.

I love you, Jay. Forever & ever.

::making a house a home::

Sunday 10 February 2013

We've been in our home for almost 4 months now. Luckily, we've been able to acquire a couple big pieces (like this sofa -- oh, Restoration Hardware!) that we love. I started a secret board on Pinterest to hold a handful of special images that I'd like to recreate. And since it's not just my home, it's important that Jay can get behind it too. Here are a few things I've been itching to do lately to make our house OUR HOME...

1. hanging plants in windows
For some reason, I can't stop buying plants. We have a window box in our kitchen that's quickly filling up. But I love the idea of hanging them in a window. The string of pearls plant is perfect for this.

2. painting two thirds of the wall
All of the walls in our house are a creamy white. We also have a lot of wooden panel walls. I'm excited to add some color and I really like this treatment to make the ceilings look even higher.

3. finding the perfect little tree holder
I picked up a cute fiddle leaf fig for the corner of the living room. As you can see, he needs a decorative  holder/pot. I'm all about the vintage pottery, so it'd be awesome to stumble on an old ceramic piece at the thrift store.

4. light fixtures
Jay and I were talking about this tonight. Most of our house has recessed lighting, which is nice, but I love pendant lights and decorative lamps. I think lighting plays a huge part in a home with style and ambiance. This one from Anthropologie would be nice.


Wednesday 6 February 2013

It's almost here! If you follow 6 petals on Instagram you probably saw a sneak peek of a few items. And there's LOTS more to be photographed. The first round of the 6 petals vintage clothing collection is right around the corner.

::silky floral::

Saturday 2 February 2013

If you're a regular here, you know that I'm a big fan of flowers. It's all over my Pinterest and played a large role in my branding for 6 petals. So it was love at first sight when I saw these framed florals from terrain.

They're nineteenth-century patterns that were originally on handkerchiefs. Now, they're printed on archival cotton watercolor paper in a wooden frame. Though these beauties are a bit out of my price range, I think I'll be able to recreate them using botanical prints.

::DIY // ring holder::

Thursday 31 January 2013

This is another project that took care of some much needed organization for my jewelry (see the other one here). I've been using these vintage bobbins to hold rings on top of my dresser, but they're not very stable by themselves and keep falling over when the drawers open and close. So, this was the solution.

I found these vintage bobbins at an antique fair in Florida. The guy had hundreds of them! (You can also find them all over Etsy.) The wood is from a local shop that's filled with architectural salvage and "junk."

Since the bobbins are hollow, I just drilled two long screws up from the bottom of the old piece of wood and put the bobbins over them. I may go a step further and fill the space with putty to make it a bit more snug, but I'm happy with it so far.

After spending the past weekend creating some things for the house, I'm hooked. I can't wait to make more things and finally use some of the items I've been holding on to.


Tuesday 29 January 2013

Thankfully, we've been spending the last couple weekends enjoying our home. One weekend was sunny, this last one was snowy. We're slowly filling the house with furniture and decorations we love. A favorite new addition is that fiddle leaf fig in the corner (and now searching for the perfect piece of pottery). 

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::winter wonderland::

Sunday 27 January 2013

This is the first snow I've seen since we moved to Virginia. I was that girl who threw on a beanie and boots to go play in it. It fascinates me that this white stuff falls from the sky. That's what you get when you grow up in Florida.

::DIY // necklace holder::

Sunday 27 January 2013

Finally got around to making some things for the house. First up, a necklace holder from some pieces I've been collecting. Let's just say I have a lot of pieces sitting and waiting for the right project.

One of my favorite types of shops are warehouses filled with architectural salvage. I brought home this piece of wood for the mint hue and patina. This is what I dreamed up.

Measure out two even spots on the back for the mounting hardware. Then, flip it over and drill 4 holes to screw in the drawer pulls. I had these cute mushrooms from Anthropologie. It's more fun that Jay was around to help. He loves using his power tools. 

We screwed in the 'shrooms and then hung her up in the bedroom above the dresser. We love how it turned out and it really helped clear the window sill of all my necklaces. 


Saturday 19 January 2013

It's been one of those "will the weekend ever get here?!" kinda weeks. Luckily, it did. 

::hexagon ring::

Wednesday 9 January 2013

Love at first sight. To further my strange obsession with the number six. I blame my older brother.


::artist spotlight // caro-ma::

Saturday 5 January 2013

While I should be finishing up our save the dates, I got a bit lost on Caro Ma's tumblr. I'm a sucker for funky collages.

More about this Parisian artist:
“It’s the nostalgia of childhood, a questioning of the present and the uncertain future.” Inspirations for Caro come from the unexpected encounter with fragments of images that, cut and deformed, allow her to transcribe her emotions and to create new territories.
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