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Tuesday 15 February 2011

I wanted to do something different this year for J. Instead of fighting the crowds at fancy restaurants, I knew I wanted to do something at home. Thanks to Justina of Compai Design Studio, I found this awesome fort idea a couple weeks ago and couldn't wait to build my own. And, it was perfect for Project ReStyle because I didn't spend a dime {except for wine & dinner} and used everyday items from my house.
Materials: 1 sheet, 2 curtains, 1 sarong, 2 scarfs, 1 bamboo pole, 1 blanket, vintage table runner, jute twine, 3 hooks, 10 metal clips, end table, hanging ceramic candle holder, crocheted snowflakes hung with clothes pins, every pillow I own, candles, wine + glasses, strand of feather butterflies, candelabra, vintage ottoman w/ random decorations, and pretty Lasater flowers in a vintage milk jug from J.

The whole project was so much fun. I was worried that it'd be a complete disaster-- something catching fire as the whole fort collapsed. However, all emergencies were avoided and it was the perfect setting for dinner, wine and missed episodes of Modern Family and The Office via Hulu.

And then we fell asleep...in the fort.


  1. This is the sweetest idea and most amazing design for a fort I have ever seen!!


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