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Sunday 8 April 2012

I sure missed spending Easter with my family in Florida, but it helped having such a pleasant Spring day here in VA. The morning was spent photographing inventory for the 6 petals shop and soaking/cleaning lots of beautiful vintage clothing. My collection is really growing. One of these days I'll get to sharing it!

We had a late lunch planned with Jay's family, and it was only fitting to make a carrot side dish, right? This recipe was super easy and a crowd pleaser.

steamed carrots with ginger-lime butter
peeled carrots (the ones with the stems just look better)
2 garlic cloves, minced
1 tbsp butter
1 tsp fresh minced ginger
squeeze of lime juice + some lime rind
salt + pepper to taste

Just steam the carrots for about 10 minutes. Mix the remaining ingredients in a small skillet on medium heat. Then coat onto carrots and serve.

I bought a bouquet of tulips for myself last week and I'm so impressed to see them still going strong. I picked up more to bring to the hostess. They're wrapped in kraft paper and tied with this amazing vintage, ombre satin ribbon-- I found a bag filled with rolls of different colors at a local Goodwill. Jackpot.

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