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Monday 16 April 2012

Remember this beautiful day? It was a very special moment for us, and we're thrilled to spend a lifetime together...and plan an outta-this-world wedding with our family and friends! Jay and I have been dating over 5 years and we've been together since the day night we met (over a game of beer pong in college– we bonded over our competitiveness ). He managed to get my number from one of my friends the next day, and we were hooked.

I wasn't one of those girls that had a wedding dress picked out or scouted the perfect venue in advance. So it's a little overwhelming to talk to married friends and get on the internet to see SO MANY CHOICES. There's a lot to think about and I better get organized. Any words of wisdom?!

Luckily, my mom's been through two weddings with my brother's and will be a huge help (not to mention the slew of creatives whose blogs I follow). We don't have a date or location yet...we're gonna enjoy this part for a while. But, there are a few things I've been eyeing already.

1 : a simple and classic Save the Date design
2 : my love of vintage tins to serve as centerpieces for flowers
3 : colorful cocktails with fancy stirrers 
4 : the perfect pair of vintage wedding shoes 


  1. OMG Congratulations dear! I can't wait to see all your wedding inspired posts! Vintage tins for flowers? I can already picture it. PERFECTION.


  2. YAYYYYYYYYYYYY awww congrats christina!!! SO EXCITED for you two!! MAGIC!


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