Thursday 19 April 2012

This past weekend I made a quick trip back to Florida. My friend, Nicole, is getting married in June. And what better way to celebrate than relaxing by a cabana with friends?! After a few bottles of champagne we ventured out in black dresses with the bride-to-be. 

On Sunday I drove south to surprise my family (they had no idea I was in Florida). To make it better, they were all on the back porch. I walked in the back door like it was no big deal and they flipped! Mission accomplished. It was so nice to sit and talk with them, play with my nieces, look at bridal magazines with Mom and grab lunch with my Grandmom. I traveled back up to Orlando to spend the night with my sister before my early flight back to VA. She's the best. 

I love family time!


  1. Thank you so much for making the trip! I had WAY too much fun. Miss/Love you!

  2. No, YOU'RE THE BEST! xoxo miss you already


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