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Thursday 18 August 2011

I completely missed my one year [I believe the term is] blogiversary. I'm 35 days late to be exact.

I just wish I started blogging years ago. I added this in my about page, but up until I started looking at blogs over a year ago I assumed they were for political newbies and video gamers. I know, obviously a crazy misconception. I was the girl spending more time in thrift stores than malls and making greeting cards instead of running to Hallmark. Turns out, there are so many ladies (and gents!) with the same thrifty lifestyle + creative prowess that I've...met...through blogs. I'm hooked.

I've become so attached to this tiny bubble of mine on the Internet. I'm so grateful and appreciative for the friends + readers that keep coming back. Here's a big, warm THANK YOU with you name on it. Now let's party.


  1. Happy anniversary! Your blog is lovely.
    ... I totally got lost on the totem website, too! So much goodness in one place.
    Happy almost weekend.

  2. CONGRATS!!!! Love your blog and your shop!
    Shall we follow each other?
    xxxx to you! Emily of EL Vintage


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