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Friday 1 October 2010

I'd like to give myself a pat on the back for my limited spending this month. And by "give myself a pat on the back " I mean I want to buy this watch.

A co-worked emailed me this Gadget Lab article from WIRED Magazine. I immediately fell in complete lust. I have to have it ("as much you need a hole in the head" I can hear my Dad in the background). Not only is it a hand-crafted piece of wooden art, but each purchase plants a tree.

In other exciting news, 6 petals will be setting up at Winter Haven Market Day. This is a new event (this Saturday will be the 2nd gathering) and I'm excited and jittery about this new venture. I'll be displaying handmade jewelry, home decorations, art, and vintage items. In preperation, I needed to finalize a new business card. Here's the look...and the new logo.

I always love feedback, so fire away {I haven't sent it to the printer yet} :) I'll upload some inventory photos as I get ready for Market Day.

Have a lovely Friday.


  1. Hey it's Barbie! I just started a blog haha. Been meaning to, at least I think.....
    Anyways. That watch is beautiful, very you!!!
    I really love your card! Did you use Adobe of some sort to create it? I will be tinkering with making some for myself in near future, and I absolutely love what you have done. I just installed some Adobe programs so still trying to figure it out!

  2. Yeah! Welcome to the Blogger world, Barbie. It's very interesting :) and there's so much here. Can't wait to check yours out. And yes, I use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for my graphic stuff. If you want to learn quickly, www.lynda.com has awesome online video tutorials. And, I'm also here to help...and of course Chase knows what he's doing!

  3. great thanks so much! Keep up the good work :)


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