Friday 29 October 2010

Green is sexy. For real, it is. This website provides tips to make an impact of our environment. They aim to spread the word and make a difference. "Green is sexy is about tiny changes, big impact."

Trendy or not, there's no getting around the fact that being eco-friendly/green/energy conserving/whatever you call it, isn't just about using less water and turning the air conditioning off when you're not home. There are so many things people can do every day to make a little difference. Don't get me wrong, I drive a car, wash enough clothing for 3 people, and love a nice, long, hot shower in the mornings. But...it's easy to do a little and make small changes in your daily routine to conserve. We don't all need to resort to tree-hugging communes. Although, I'd support you if you wanted to (looks pretty cute).

This is a major foundation for 6 petals using a mix of new with vintage items, recycled wood, remnant fabrics, and found treasures. There's no doubt that the quality is excellent and the visual appeal adds character and charm.

GREEN TIPS from 6 petals:

  • Buy organic cleaners and health/beauty products. My father's has been hounding me for years about the dangers of Aluminum Zirconium, which is found in the popular antiperspirants. And, most soaps are made with detergents that can even be cancerous.

  • Invest in a good water bottle. This one is a big pet-peeve of mine. Too many are purchasing cases of plastic water bottles only to be thrown away as quickly as thirst is quenched. Choose to refill and save money (and look good doing it-- there are so many great designs to choose from). Or, bring a glass to work instead of going through multiple Styrofoam cups at the water cooler.

  • Buy local and/or handmade. And, pay attention to what you're buying. This reduces waste from expensive packaging and shipping costs, and it's a great way to support your community.

  • Do something outdoors. My love of camping and hiking lets me enjoy the more simple things-- Mother Earth amazes me. It's cheap, good exercise, and fun with the right company. Read a book in a hammock, bring your knitting needles to a local baseball game, doodle in your sketch book in the park, or ride a bike. Just relax once in a while without a cell phone, computer, radio, television, or iPod.

Share your green tips, too...

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