Tuesday 6 November 2012

We're starting to get things settled in our new home. And, it still doesn't feel real sometimes. It's like I'm on a long vacation in someone's house. There are times when I still think my belongings are in our old place. Perhaps a housewarming party will help!

One thing I know for sure is that I really enjoy sharing a space with Jay. I'll try to avoid the lovey-dovey talk (I guess I'm on that path because I just designed our Save the Dates!), but it's true. All the little things that I notice about him makes me happy to know that he's mine. Coupledom is a wonderful thing.



  1. Adorable. In theory, it's hard to share a space with someone but if it's someone you love, the theory goes out the window.

  2. Please have wedding projects for me to work on when I am there. Withdrawals are occurring...

    1. gladly...ask and you shall receive! cannot wait for your arrival.


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