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Tuesday 26 June 2012

It's finally here!Part of my New Year's Resolution was to let go of some of the responsibilities in running my small business. I was fixated on tackling every problem on my own: design, marketing, acquiring inventory, blogging, social media, financials...the list goes on. This is where Aprile Elcich comes in. 
I remember stumbling across her dis•po•si•tion thesis a couple years ago. Her style, collages and colors were a perfect match and I knew I'd like to work with her. Over the past month, she knocked it outta the park with my lovely new web design. The new 6 petals site is simple, filled with my favorite colors & handwritten details to represent some new branding for 6 petals. You'll likely see more of her work around here as this space evolves. Thanks, Aprile!

I could brag about Aprile more and definitely recommend her work! Check out her impressive portfolio and inspirational blog.


  1. the new site is fabulous. love it. congrats!

  2. Thank you, Christina! So glad to be a part of it : )


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