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Thursday 6 October 2011

A while back I picked up this vintage wooden scale. I figured it'd go in the shop, but I realllly liked it. I imagined it holding jewelry on a vanity or fruit + veggies in a kitchen-- tipping the scale each time something was added or removed. Anyway, I kept it, painted it a mustard yellow (not sure why everything's getting coated in yellow?) and roughed it up with sandpaper. Right now it holds handfuls of acorns I found on a recent hiking adventure (see below). These acorns are impressively large, or maybe they just run smaller in Florida.

Preface: J's new hobby is shooting and editing little videos of our adventures. We visited his brother about 3 hours away. That's Katie in the still frame below. I did some vintage hunting while the others jumped off some high platform with a blow up shark, we watched a college soccer game, hung out with his brother's pet pig and hiked in Shenandoah National Park (were I collected acorns). At the end, that's me surprised-- I spotted a deer about 6 feet from me eating. He looked up at me and kept eating, then scattered once he knew he was being filmed...camera shy.



  1. haha i actually had the same thought about acorns over the weekend. i was down in virginia and i found the cutest/ tiniest little acorns! so maybe they do come in smaller sizes down south :)

    ah, your shop is filled with some amazing treasures.. i think you deserve to keep that awesome scale!

  2. ooo.. shenandoah! i was there this summer with my sister and cousin :) so beautiful. among some other smaller hikes we did old rag.. definitely among the more grueling hikes i've done.. the mountains closer to me in ny are a bit .. smaller hehe

    i love the video too (and the pig!) i have a video stuck in my phone from shenandoah.. it's in a stupid app that will not release it. i'm soooo annoyed at that. ugh.


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