::boot weather::

Monday 10 October 2011

The only excitement I have for a fall/winter season in Virginia is that I'll get to wear my boots and my awesome pea coat, which almost sums up my "winter gear." Oh, and seeing the leaves change-- I'm really looking forward to that. As the temperature begins to drop, the more nervous I get. I haven't spent more than a month north of Tallahassee. But geez, I love boots.

my growing collection...

Hope you're all enjoying pleasant fall breezes and soft leather boots. And to my family + friends in Florida, I'll be back as soon as the mercury drops below 60°.


  1. hehe i love boots too.. but i'd be happier about this weather if i knew that spring came riiiiiiight after fall. winter.. not my fav.

  2. wait till you see my new grannies!!


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