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Friday 28 October 2011

Last month I met a woman at the Portsmouth Antiques to Flea Market. I bought some vintage wallpaper from her, 2 bags full of vintage lace, trim, thread and buttons and a perfectly rustic old baker's rack, which I plan to use as a display piece for future markets/shows. I'm meeting up with her again in North Carolina this weekend to see if she has anymore aged items I'd like to make mine. It's funny in this "business" how much I relate to people twice (or three times) my age. Older folks are so excited to see young people attracted to antiques. I grew up going to antique stores and fairs with my mom and I couldn't see my lifestyle any other way. 

I'm bringing J along with my on this treasure hunting adventure to give him a little taste of what I do-- even if it means taking him (and me) away from skydiving for a weekend. And yes, I may have bribed him with food. 

Happy weekend picking my fellow vintage lovers. 

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