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Thursday 13 October 2011

I've been having some issues with the new laptop...for some reason I thought I was technologically savvy. The Mac gods say otherwise. It sounds like there is a robot inside the cd-rom-- it makes a weird siren noise every now and then. I'm hoping it's newborn hiccups or something similar.

Cheers to working computers and a very happy weekend. Any big plans? I have two auctions lined up and I'm hoping to land an old, large metal sign at this one place. I went early to scout out the inventory up for auction, and I'm a big fan of vintage typography.

In case you're looking for some vintage home decor. 6 petals has you covered. Here are some of the more recent items in the shop.

from the top to bottom, left to right...
1/the one and only, Band-aid, tin
2/flower + birds ornate tin
3/cream-colored Westclox alarm clock
4/sage green potato ricer
5/solid brass impala bookends
6/{instant collection} nature-themed wall art


  1. I wish that little bird ornate tin was mine, lol, gorgeous!

  2. Love what I see!

  3. you've got some gorgeous things in your shop - love!


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