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Friday 4 March 2011

Hooray for Friday! I'll be a busy bee working on various, exciting projects-- one for m.marie in particular that we can't wait to share.

Now, as this may not come as news to you beauties, I've had an epiphany.
I LOVE fancy shampoo & conditioner and it really does work wonders for my hair.

Here's the story:

My brother's finance asked my sister and I to be bridesmaids for their wedding. She gave us an amazing gift with chocolate, this shampoo and this conditioner. You guys probably remember my rant about hair, so these nice hair products were something I'd never bought for myself. I'm sure I've experienced them at the salon after handing them what felt like an entire paycheck for pretty blond highlights.

Growing up with a large family, my mom sprung for the $0.99 shampoo and conditioner because we used so much of it. I adopted the same habit into my adult life, not thinking anything of it. I mean, it cleaned my hair, right? I now know what I was missing. I finally started using these products this week and WOW, I'll never go back. {No, this isn't a plug or paid promotion for Biolage, I'm just obviously wayyy behind in the hair hygiene world!}

What shampoo/conditioner do you use?


  1. kevin murphy makes insanely amazing professional products that smell awesome and are paraben and sulphate free! i love them. if you ever get a chance and feel like investing, he's got the best line available... i'm kindof a hair snob :)


  2. i use kerastase and bumble and bumble - my mom bought the .99 cent stuff too. girl we have to make up for lost time!


  3. Yes - I love the expensive shampoo and conditioner... but I totally wish it were the same price as the cheap kinds! I use Tigi Bedhead Superstar shampoo and conditioner. I am obsessed with how it smells! And it lasts forever. I buy it off ebay to save about $10 or so.


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