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Tuesday 7 September 2010

A quarter-century, the big 2-5, halfway closer to 50, and best of all...Grandma Crooks. These are all some comments from this past weekend of events. First of all, Julia's bachelorette party was a huge success. Pink, black, and white panties decorated the house fixtures, but classy nonetheless, with flowing pink ribbon and diamonds glittering the tables. From there some celebrating, relaxing, and ghost tours, oh my!

We headed back on my birthday, which meant lots of driving to Florida. Luckily at the end of the long haul I had a nice, warm dinner waiting on me compliments of J. And...presents.

Say hello to _______. (I haven't named her yet! Any ideas??)

I still need to get an SD card until I can take some shots {visions from the bachelorette party are coming back...shots, ugh.} I mentioned that 6petals needed some professional photos for the store, so I was all set to pull in a photography friend from college. Much to my surprise...this!

So now, I'm going to read the instruction manual.

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