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Friday 10 December 2010

There are so many great things about this room...

photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy

  1. I love the use of a sofa or upholstered bench at the table. Growing up, my mom had a blue, wooden bench at our dinner table. It was so easy for the kids to slide in and eat up. And, mixing the white painted chairs with the dark wood table and hardwood floors provides the perfect contrast!
  2. An antique, wooden table adds so much character. The long, thin table is great for small spaces like this studio!
  3. A rustic chandelier completes the room. Using candles (though not superior for lighting an entire room) is so much more appealing than incandescent light bulbs.
  4. Mix-matched frames and wall art, and placed somewhat randomly, make it more personal.
  5. Fresh flowers are a must! This little bit of nature is pretty and provides wonderful aroma.
  6. Skip curtains and valances to let in more natural light.
  7. A cozy, neutral colored couch, perfect for snuggling up and watching a good chick flick or reading your favorite book ;)

Oh, and it's Friday. Woohoo! Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend everyone. Thanks for reading :)

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