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Friday 3 December 2010

I'm stunned that Christmas is right around the corner. Everywhere I look there are bright strands of colorful lights, plastic reindeer, and Evergreens on top of mini vans in route to their new home. So, of course, I'm getting excited to shop (it's true, I haven't started my Christmas shopping yet). And who could forget the inevitable 'Tacky Christmas Sweater Party'. You can't hate a theme party. Get ready to spike that hot chocolate {peppermint schnapps does the trick}...

To mix it up this year, I've decided to add a few limiting factors to my Christmas purchases. I vow to buy only gifts that are:
  1. handmade - crafted by me or someone else for a one-of-a-kind gift
  2. vintage - the dictionary defines vintage, "of lasting interest and importance; venerable; classic"
  3. local - there are a handful of shops I can count on in my area. Gotta support local businesses :)

You see, I've been planning this for a while. With 6 petals, a slew of super talented Etsy artists and vintage sellers, and a few local stores, I'll find the goods.

In the meantime, here are some favorites that fit into these three categories:

handmade goods
{Like this pink flower crocheted necklace from 6 petals Etsy shop. {{more to come}} }

vintage goods
{Like this "Eever-so-pretty" ceramic creamer. Will be in the shop SOON.}

local goods
  1. m.marie for holiday dresses, handbags, jewelry...everything --my sister will thank me ;)
  2. Lasater Flowers & Gifts for some holiday (flower) cheer!
  3. This one's on my Christmas list...Groundwork Yoga. Om.
  4. La Vida Dolce. They have the neatest gold reptile cast mold ring of all time, I need it! Did you hear that Santa?!

Here's the catch: having everything wrapped by Dec. 24th. My Christmas cards are made, so that's a start!

1 comment:

  1. cannot wait to save a little money to buy your stuff on etsy! I can already picture my roommate,cousin, and myself (duh)wearing them.

    which yoga classes do you do? I am obsessed with hot yoga. The place I go to in Orlando is a combo of a couple different types, depending on the instructor but it's essentially vinyasa. It's intense but completely worth by the end of class.




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