::it's getting colder::

Thursday 2 December 2010

The weather is finally agreeing with the season here. It's a nice, brisk welcome to December. Wait, it's December?!

I'm always looking for inspiration, and I love finding new artists. I stumbled upon Camila do Rosario's Flickr and fell in love. Her illustrations are so beautiful. I envy her ability to put such emotion in the facial expressions of these beautiful, feathered girls. Not to mention the detail in their exotic garb. Now, wrap yourself up in a comfy throw blanket, pour some hot tea and take in some color inspiration:

That one's my favorite-- the "what are you lookin' at?" face.

Images courtesy of Camila do Rosario's Flickr. Color swatches added by me.

How's your Christmas shopping coming along? I haven't started, but I have an ace up my sleeve. More on that tomorrow ;)

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