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Saturday 6 November 2010

After visiting my hometown last weekend, I was excited to pop in to petite surprise. I'd heard about it from mom who happily picked up some items earlier this year. The shop owner, Molly Stracuzzi, and I played soccer together in high school-- I had no idea she shared the same love of vintage, antiques, and marketing!

I've been wanting to create a work table for my studio. I'm currently using a vintage sofa table but it's too tall and narrow. The plan: to use an old door and add natural wooden elements for legs. Luckily, I found this beautiful idea (to give me a better visual) and decided to look for a great pair of wooden saw horses. And, of course, found the most amazing pair, but with a $725 price tag, they're a bit out of my budget.

Oh, well. A nice piece of glass to top this old, blue wooden door from petite surprise, and attach the saw horses and it's done. A girl can dream...

It's a beautiful store, Molly! So glad I could stop by. For more about petite surprise, you can check out the blog.
saw horse image from Factory 20

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