Wednesday 17 November 2010

6 petals is busy getting ready for the 3rd Annual Junior League Merry Market. A special thanks to Meghan of m.marie for the push ;)

Merry Market is a huge fundraiser put on by the Junior League of Greater Winter Haven. It supports local projects that will strengthen the community and build stronger families. One such project is called "A Mother's Voice." Members of the club take time to meet with mothers and grandmothers who are incarcerated. The members sit down with her, record her voice as she read a childrens book, and delivers the story on a CD to the woman's children so they are able to hear their mother's voice.

6 petals is happy to support such a great cause. With the holidays quickly approaching, it's important to take time and focus on the things that matter. Life throws fastballs, curve balls, and splitters.
Spread the love, anyway you can. Here are some easy ways to make an impact in your community:
  • Toys for Tots Drop-off. We all know this one. This is a great way to give a child a new toy that his/her parent's may not be able to afford this year. You're likely to run into a donation site when you're out doing weekly errands.
  • Donate non-perishables to a local food bank. Feeding America is a powerful network aiming to solve hunger issues in the U.S. Find a local food bank close to you, and next time you're in the grocery store throw in some extra canned vegetables and powdered milk. If you're feeling strong, you can read real stories of those in need.
  • Donate old sweaters and blankets. Winter is right around the corner and so many rely on second-hand stores to stock up on warm gear. It's also a great time to make some space in your closet.
  • Volunteer. This one is usually overlooked, extremely powerful, and so rewarding. Your local Chamber of Commerce or Red Cross can help you find a volunteer opportunity that's perfect for you and/or your family.

Oh, I turned on Extreme Makeover Home Edition for the first time in a long time. Cried like a baby. I love when good things happen to such deserving people. Let's do our part to make others smile. :)


  1. I can't believe it's the holidays already. Definitely a great time to give back. Love this post!

    Side note: still haven't made it to Mt. Dora. Life keeps getting in the way!

  2. This is wonderful!

    Just came across your blog!




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