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Tuesday 9 November 2010

A couple weeks ago J and I ventured to the famous Chalet Suzanne, which is around the corner in Lake Wales. We went with little knowledge of the place, but J had heard it was a bit "vintage." That's all he had to say to convince me. And, I wasn't disappointed. This place has so much character!

I took out the camera to get some pictures of J skydiving. Yea, they even have a drop zone. After he jumped and landed (thank goodness), we went to check out the cute, little Inn rooms and soup cannery. We sampled mushroom and broccoli soup, walked the rest of the area finding more and more cute things, and fed turtles.

{J, such a daredevil}

They feed the turtles leftover bread from the restaurant. They were fearless.


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  1. Fearless turtles freak me out, but adore all the color inspiration.


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