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Thursday 26 August 2010

I couldn't find this book at the library, so I'll probably just have to wing it. This weekend J decided to have a yard sale. Neither of us has really hosted a yard sale-- I'm not counting the couple my family had when I was younger. My mom gets all the credit there. I was probably playing manhunt or baseball in the yard with my brothers.
Is it strange that I'm super excited, almost jumping, at the opportunity? Considering the number of yard/garage/moving/estate/take my $*!# sales I've been to, I'm experienced, right?

Yesterday, I hand selected a trunk-full of shoes, clothes, kitchen wear, electronics, old decorations, etc. Usually, there seems to be an emotional connection between me and my "stuff". I'll make up some excuse to keep a hidious blouse I've kept since 7th grade. Although, this time it felt refreshing to remove some of that clutter out of my apartment. I tried to say, "Okay, anything I haven't touched in a year, into the bag." That seemed to work pretty well. But then I realized, I could try to sell stuff I don't really care too much about, make the money and buy something else. Any excuse to go shopping works for me. Now, I'm prepared to tag them with the nickle-sized neon stickers in yellow, orange, pink, and green-- the neon is scientifically proven to attract more attention*. Any other tips???

*Maybe not scientifically proven, but I'll take this householdtip article's word for it.

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