::i want to ride my bicycle, i want to ride my bike::

Monday 30 August 2010

above images from weheartit

image from The Bicycle Muse

image from The Bicycle Muse

Everyone needs a good bicycle. It's eco-friendly, extra exercise, and a part of your style. I made a goal to start riding my bike to work a couple days a week. Which is difficult given that the Florida sunshine terrorizes us this time of year ("summer" lasts 3 seasons). Kendi from Kendi Everyday even took her lovely two-wheeler for a spin. I've also been following London Cycle Chic, which is where I stumbled upon The Bicycle Muse. I can't wait to put this lovely item on my beach cruiser to carry my laptop to work. They have so many cute accessories to spice up your bike (don't deny the slight reference to the Spice Girls there-- spice up your life!). My brother has a slight obsession with bikes, so I blame him for my slight obsession.


  1. Haha I loved the bike site. I was on a bike kick recently yet never even made it to the most important part... actually buying one. Cool site just promise you won't get the "twoNfro bike metallic, ankle protectors!" you must check them out.

    keep blogging, your insights are so refreshing! I love it all.

  2. I am a 2-wheeling girl myself:) I used to bike to the grocery year-round with the baby on the back and basket up front...when we lived in Florida. NC winters aren't as accomodating but my beach cruiser gets put to good use! Thanks for the comments, we're following:)

  3. aw love these photos! bicycle photos like these seem so nostalgic and romantic!


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