Tuesday 17 August 2010

I've always been so intrigued by psychology & sociology. No, I'm not going to divulge into the complexities of Maslow's hierarchy of needs or anything that has to do with Freud. I've just always been interested in the uniqueness of every human being-- studying my fellow homosapien. Yes, people watching is a hobby of mine (especially waiting for my flight at the airport or eating lunch at the window seat).

I applaud the brave women who wear some fashion styles that are very trendy, yet are opposite of the norm {this is where I should give a shoutout to all the amazing style bloggers out there that I follow}. Uniqueness is something to be proud of; it's the fingerprint that makes us one-of-a-kind, UNIQUE. Of course there are times where I say, "who cares, I'm wearing this!" I'm also guilty of putting on an outfit and saying "I can NOT wear this in public," and change to something dull immediately. I'd like to be the type that says, "Who gives a shit. I'm going to wear overalls with a plaid button down shirt and wedges because it's comfy AND it looks good on me, yea, that's right." ...and yes, I do hope overalls make a comeback. Speaking of...I think they might!


Photo courtesy of Ralph Lauren

Photo courtesy of J. Crew


Look, the New York Times even wrote about it here. Poll of the day...


  1. I have one!!! And I'm
    Not even cool:)

  2. I would not wear overalls now although i did a lot when i was younger.

  3. I have both a long and short pair that I've kept over the years. Waiting for the right time to bust them out! Maybe that's NOW.

    Linda-- you'd look good in a potato sack! SO COOL. :)

  4. If not NOW, when?

    ...overalls have and always will be epically cool...


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