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Tuesday 10 August 2010

Random, yes. But I thought I'd share my love for Sweden today. During my college soccer years, I found myself among a beautiful, kind and crazy group of girls from the Scandinavian country-- let's put it this way, they call vodka "Swedish water" :) and they tend to drink it like that.

I've always been fond of their Swedish style too. Linda (x2), Martina, Therese, Hanna, Helena, and Anna Sara (5 out of 7 are tan & blond) always had the best outfits-- stood out in the not-so-fashion-forward Lakeland, Florida. Two of these ladies were also roommates (that qualifies me as 1/6 Swedish). I ate, slept, and drank (literally) Sweden. Meatballs, Svedka (skol!), Midsummar, Daim, and of course IKEA.
These are more reasons I like Sweden:

photos courtesy of Linda Hoglund, karin's style blog, and emmas designblogg

P.S. This one goes out to all my Swedish fish. Jag alskar dig!

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