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Wednesday 25 July 2012

When I saw this post on Tomboy Style and watched the video I was amazed that little Lakeland, Florida was mentioned. That's where I went to college (and where I met Jay). It's a town filled with character, rich in Florida oranges and, for me, a place where many memories were made.

I wish I was still around to visit The Poor Porker at the local market for a hot, fresh beignet (I've never had one, but how can fried dough sprinkled with sugar be bad? AND bacon?!). Robyn and Jarrid have such a brave story about a cross-country move to start their business. And now their pastries are selling like hot cakes (had to).

I'm always a fan of people who turn trash into treasure, just look what this duo did with an old hutch they found in the dumpster! Oh, and Robyn's thrifted style is pretty impeccable. Check out The Poor Porker blog to see Robyn and Jarrid's awesome recipes, travels and how their thrifting and hand-crafting a unique home. 


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