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Monday 12 March 2012

After a busy last week and eventful weekend, I'm finally sitting down to post. Hi.

How cool is this wearable foods series by Yeonju Sung -- constructive art forms made with food. Awesome colors naturally mixed with subtle prints. I'd rock a radish dress.

I finally got a juicer and I can't wait to try new recipes. The green juice was on tonight's menu. Anyone have a 'oh-my-you-need-to-try-this' concoction?



  1. I want the shrooms dress.

    I always do green lemonade, not sure if that's the same as green juice? I am jealous of your juicer...

  2. i got a juicer too, it is amazing! my favorite concoction is peaches, bananas and apple and I put some kale and broccoli in there to add some green :) you can't juice the bananas, so juice the other stuff then blend it with the banana :) delicious! :)


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