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Friday 30 September 2011

With 6 petals inventory expanding, there's a definite need for more surface area in the studio. There are some amazing vintage goods getting ready for their debut in the shop this week + lots of handmade ideas drawn out and being put to production mode.

This image of Erin's (of Design For Mankind) office had me dreaming about a perfect shelf.

I found a light colored piece of lumber in a perfect size at the hardware store. I also picked up a few simple, metal brackets, and spray painted them the same color as the silverware. I didn't even bother painting the wood-- all natural. Then we hung it up (J helped). I love the minimalist look of the shelf, especially considering I'm going to fill it up...quickly.

That's the beauty of hardware stores-- so many options. I may not have purchased the "right" equipment for the job, but couldn't be happier with my shelf and it works for me.

P.S. I added a few items yesterday and tweeted. Follow along to be the first to hear. 

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