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Wednesday 27 April 2011

I'm a big fan of Ruffled, a wedding blog for vintage and creative brides. There are so many neat DIYs and it's so fun to see how clever couples get with their photo shoots, rehearsal dinner parties and wedding festivities. It's been a great resource for ideas for my brother's wedding.

Lucky for me, the bride's father had this random window in his garage. I snatched it up, gave it a good scrub and it was ready for it's debut.

The 6-paneled window was perfect because the rehearsal dinner was 6 table settings. I used purple, white and silver paint pens and went to work on the seating chart. The dinner was setup buffet-style on the dining room table across from the fireplace-- the perfect location to get your plate, see where you're sitting and enjoy the night.

And boy, did we enjoy celebrating. Cheers to Brendan & Heather!

P.S. If you need one (two, three +) of these for your wedding, I'd be happy to customize windows for you. Email me and we can talk about your project! 

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