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Friday 8 April 2011

I can't remember the last time I wore a one-piece, but Anthropologie has me adding them to my spring/summer wish list-- and they're pretty as ever. I love these two {among others in their collection, like this one}. Clean, feminine, geometric lines and hello! that plunging neckline is so sleek. The weather's a balmy 92 degrees, and all I want to be wearing is one of these beauties {an iced cocktail in-hand wouldn't be bad either}.

Cheers to a lovely weekend, friends!

Oh, and don't forget the 6 petals shop Spring-ish Sale is "blooming" until April 16th...

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  1. I love both of them, so chic! :) Makes me consider buying a one piece.

  2. Love the red one. I also would wear it with a super big long skirt!!!


  3. that white one is on my list too! hoping it goes on sale....


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