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Friday 16 January 2015

This is a long time coming, but I'm finally on a decent workout routine. Blame it on the New Year and those cliché resolutions, but something clicked. Ever since my college soccer days ended, I've been struggling to get back to a consistent fitness schedule. I'd occasionally go for a run, participated in a few indoor soccer leagues and will be the first to join a pick up game of any sport. I also scoffed at traditional gyms. So after spending much of my 20's eating poorly and drinking more than my fair share of adult beverages, it's time for a change. My body will thank me, and I believe it's starting to already.

I was one of those stereotypical female athletes that never spent a lot of time in a gym lifting weights. Strength training was mostly body weight exercises done before, during or after soccer practice. I didn't think about it much because I was constantly active, but I've been reading about the benefits of weight lifting and it's part of my weekly rotation. Surprisingly, I actually enjoy it.

I'm also realistic—setting achievable goals that work with my body. One goal is to do a stable handstand for a minute. Not sure how long this will take, but I know I can do it with practice.

My current routine is weight lifting, cardio with ab work mixed in and hot yoga. But on top of all that, it's my nutrition that needed an intervention. We've been making dinner at home the past couple weeks and it's not only healthful, but also saving us money. Win/win for sure.

If you have any good exercises or certain fitness programs you love, let me know. I gotta keep this going...a lifestyle change for the better.

background image here, fitness images via my healthful board

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