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Tuesday 25 February 2014

In case you haven't seen, heard or read about the new 6 petals site and shop...get ready! The re-launch date is right around the corner (March 3rd). Lots of beautiful vintage clothes have been photographed, we just got the Spring Lookbook photos back from the photographer and the new website and shop are in their final stages. You probably noticed some updated branding as well.

This blog started in 2010 with the opening of an Etsy shop filled with vintage goods for the home. I enjoyed this new-to-me blogging phenomenon so much that I started posting about more things I liked: graphic design, interiors, DIY and personal adventures. Then, another 6 petals Etsy shop opened with a focus on vintage clothing and accessories. Obviously, we're really into the old and beautiful. But we also want to incorporate some new and modern. Part of why we love vintage and antiques is because of the craftsmanship and attention to detail you find. Many of these items were built to last– and the have! 

We totally support the American-made trend that's taking shape and hope to build our own community of those that do too. I've been following lots of local, regional and national artist and makers that are dedicated to their craft. They're creating items that will last with great character and craftsmanship. We hope to bring those types of products into the mix of beautiful vintage goods.

You can sign up to receive updates at And when you do you'll receive an exclusive coupon code for the shop before it opens!

Thanks for visiting this blog. There's a ton of fun stuff happening, so stick around.  -christina

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  1. you go girl. i can not WAIT to see it all unfold :) also i'm coming over one day soon!


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