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Friday 10 August 2012

This has been my favorite band since middle school. I had a friend that would usually go to their concerts when they were in our area, and she somehow always had an extra ticket. However, my parents didn't think it was wise for two middle school aged girls to go to concerts together. So, 12 years later, Jay surprised me with tickets to my first Incubus show. He took me again last year for my birthday. He really does love me.

Came across this new video of "Nice to Know You" and had to share.


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  1. Yeah, this clip is from "HQ Live"! I've seen a bunch of them - "Promises Promises" is my favorite so far, http://vevo.ly/QbMpkY. That awesome CD/DVD combo pack is out today. Gotta get a copy; all this footage looks insanely good and I've loved this band for years! <3


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