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Wednesday 23 May 2012

This past weekend, Jay and I had a little BBQ in our backyard. The plants are growing like crazy back there: flowers, vines, herbs and shrubs galore! We picked up a few growlers from Beach Brewery and some microbrew variety packs. We even had little tasting cups for people to try the different varieties. Jay manned the grill and the food was a big hit too. 

This was our first time hosting since we moved to Virginia, so it was nice to get the group together and relax at home. I get so excited about all the little details of a party. Besides decorating with some of my vintage collection, I designed little signs. Feel free to click on them and print them out if you'd like...

: this one hung on the front door in case we didn't hear them knock :

: i spent more time picking out pretty plates, strands of lights and craft beer that i didn't bake a cake. but who doesn't like oreos? :

: this one accompanied the list of beers on the drink table :
: i prefer reds, but i don't discriminate :
: just a friendly reminder :

1 comment:

  1. Love your print-ables and wish I was in VA to join you!


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