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Saturday 11 February 2012

I spent a good amount of time last night cleaning and organizing my office. There was a break...to buy that pretty planner up there from Julia Kostreva's shop. In 3-5 days I'll be filling it up (the breaking point, I forgot my indoor soccer game on Wednesday. Early onset Alzheimer's?). I'll pencil you in. 

I've been collecting metal crates like that one and old wooden drawers to use for creative storage in the office for all my "supplies." They look so much better than the plastic drawers I have hiding under the tables. There's lots of stuff in here. The goal is to keep my desktop free of clutter. It's amazing what a clean work space can do. Of course, the walls are fair game and we'll try to keep it on a stead rotation. After a successful show last weekend, I'm finding more events to venture to and couldn't be happier. With the fun stuff lined up, there are always business things to do. 

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