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Tuesday 12 July 2011

We're finally moving into our new place today (just a rental for now). This place is too perfect. Picture this backyard: two gazebos with full grape and chocolate vines + string lights, sitting areas, a fire pit, fresh mint (perfect for infused water like this), colorful flowers, more berries than I can count and a garden ready to be planted. Oh, and a greenhouse. In case we want to really explore botany to the core.

I'd take pictures, but there was a major incident. J and I were on the dock and the wind blew over a chair where I laid my camera down for a second (don't do this) and kerplunk...right into the river. I leaped to grab it and got it out quickly, but it's beyond repair and so, so sad. At least I got one last shot...

p.s. Thanks for helping me choose which pair. I purchased the triangles yesterday.


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  1. Aww sorry about you camera! That's awful! At least you have a dream-like backyard to cheer you up :) Two gazebos with grape and chocolate vines?! Sounds absolutely amazing.



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