::ReStyle // week 4::

Friday 28 January 2011

This week's ReStyle is a bit ridiculous. My girlfriends and I are participating in the Warrior Dash this weekend. Of course, we are dressing up in goofy outfits that Danielle titled "Bearded Ballerinas": fanny packs, tutus, black leggings, tank top and beards {luck for me, I didn't purchase a beard}. The tutus were super easy to make and more fun than buying them.

1. Get your materials ready: 3 yards of tulle, 1 yard of black elastic band, scissors and glass of wine (optional)
2. Begin cutting the tulle into 1"-2" wide strips, about 24" long. Tip: fold the tulle in half to save cutting time :)
3. Begin double knotting the tulle strips onto the elastic

4. Keep knotting until you've covered most of the elastic. You can close tie the ends together to secure onto your waist. Or, run through a sewing machine for a quick, strong closure.

5. Try your tutu on for size.
6. Take a peep at the mess you've made...and multiple glasses of wine it took you to create your masterpiece.
7. Lauren's dog wanted to try it on, too. So cute.
Gotta love girls nights.

In case you missed my other ReStyles: Project ReStyle Week 1 , Project ReStyle Week 2 , week 3? oops...

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