Monday 1 June 2015

Though I'm perfectly content with my home, the designer in me is always thinking about renovations. I've mentioned a few projects and wallpaper ideas, but right now my focus is downstairs in our living/dining area.

living room – two sets of sliding glass doors on the left that don't open

living room – another view (dining room to the left)

dining room

Our downstairs has seven sets of sliding glass doors, but strangely only three are functional. The other four are braced shut (plus, there are no steps down to the deck anyway). Why the previous owners didn't put in windows is beyond me. To increase the outdoor view, I was thinking about putting in some expanding doors or picture windows in place of the braced sliding glass doors. And adding a few skylights for more natural light.

I've been putting off getting quotes on this project because it's not a necessity. So, when we visited the Pungo Strawberry Festival over Memorial Day weekend and found a local window company with a sales tent setup, I considered that a sign ;)  Here's a little bit of my inspiration for picture and clerestory windows or nanawall-type folding glass doors.

perfect picture window with seamless corner. this is probably our favorite option.

modern, large sliding glass doors. 

nanawall in action with a corner

expansive windows with very little interference – beautiful. but a seamless corner would be even better.

clerestory windows above and huge sliding doors.

I think we're leaning towards an expansive picture windows for both the living and dining rooms. Our big wish is that we can include a seamless corner in the living room. To be realistic, we don't need to open the whole space. I just imagine how cool it would be for a dinner party. Either way, it's exciting to think about. I'll be sure to blog about the project if we pull the trigger.

Inspiration images via Pinterest


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