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Wednesday 29 April 2015

Like most (though I'm reluctant to admit), I'm constantly battling my closet in the morning. Rummaging through so. much. clothing. but not a thing to wear. When I finally choose something it's a similar story to the day before. 

Last week I came across Unfancy. Caroline's capsule wardrobe makes so much sense! I'd heard this term thrown around, but never dug into it for clarification. Since I'm usually grabbing the same pieces, this concept would work really well for me. 

So last weekend I grabbed a couple bags and started pulling clothes off hangers, shoes off shelves and accessories outta boxes. A good ol' closet purge. It always feels good. The nicer items I'll be shipping off to my sister, but the rest of it gets donated. I'd like to add items this this to take their place...

As I search for my 'capsule pieces' I'm looking to a few of my style muses. Anna Bond, Emerson Fry, Hannah Henderson, Sophia Amoruso (I could never pull off much of what she wears, she's just a total badass), and others. I gravitate towards basics, in black or white, and I can always dress something up with the right pair of shoes. 

photos via Pinterest

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