a much anticipated weekend at home

Thursday 16 October 2014

My husband and I are in our late 20's. Like most around this age, we're celebrating engagements, weddings and babies of close friends and family members. It seems we have a party every weekend (can't complain about that!), and it's so special to celebrate with the ones we love most. However, this weekend's little calendar boxes are mostly empty, which means I can finally pick up that to-do list and nail out some house projects.

On the agenda: decorate rooms in the house that haven't had much attention, like maybe hang something in the guest rooms or set up little vignettes here and there. We have the "jam room" that I want to cover in pillows and plants. It's a small space that holds my husband's old drum set and friend's bring over their instruments for late night jam sessions. It's pretty fun! Maybe something like this...

And besides the never-ending cleaning and laundry, I have lots of stuff I want to make. You know, little storage solutions and wall decorations that make everything a bit more organized.

I also plan to dust off the old DSLR and get some of mine own photos back here on the blog. And I'd love to do a home tour once the house is ready! Here's to a productive weekend at home...mixed in with a few skydives, of course.

photos via Pinterest

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