the eye of the tiger

Friday 5 September 2014

I stumbled across this image on Pinterest today and it struck me.

A love for animals, the texture of the fur, the detailed artwork in the iris and imagining what this beautiful creature was thinking at this exact moment. The past month has been a whirlwind (really, this entire year seems to be) and I've been having intense internal battles.

I'm so grateful for my family and friends that are constantly supportive. I need to be more positive about all the good things in life. I mean, for real, I have a great life...snap out of it, Christina. I need to rediscover my eye of the tiger.

There are quite a few reasons to smile:

  • Finishing a half marathon with my little sister last weekend. During training the last few weeks, I think we talked everyday, and then she flew up to visit and run! It was such an amazing memory to share with her. I may be older, but I sure as hell look up to that girl. 
  • Turning 29 tomorrow. Another great year (soon-to-be) in the books. Early birthday sunflowers from close friends really brightened my day.
  • Seeing my family soon. My cousin's wedding in New York will bring everyone together next weekend. Family time is the best...especially spending time with my 4 little nieces who are growing like weeds.
  • Skydiving with my husband. Sometimes I take this for granted. Getting to fly with the love of my life is damn pretty special. 

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