colonial beach + a new addiction

Monday 14 July 2014

A few months ago,  I signed up for my first (sprint) Triathlon. Jay signed up too, and it was his second. We've been training for each event and excited to see how we stacked up against others. We drove up to Colonial Beach on Friday evening and stayed with some great friends who were also planning on doing the race. Colonial Beach is on the Northern Neck, a small town and golf cart community with a whole lot of character.

It was a bright and early morning Saturday as we made our way to the event HQ to get ready for our early start times. It was such a learning experience for me about the transition areas, tri gear and the pre-race nerves. I read a ton of articles, but knew that going through the steps would be the biggest lesson.

I'll spare all the details, but it felt so great to run across that finish line. Having played sports through college, these days my work life is pretty sedentary Mon-Fri from 8-6pm. It's a necessary evil, which I'm sure some can relate to. With triathlons, I think I've found my newest addiction. Here's to many more swim/bike/runs! Plus, we can visit new towns and find some pretty cool things to do on our road trip. I didn't get many shots (all from the phone's camera because I can't seem to ever remember the actual camera) of Colonial Beach, but we had a few great stops along the way.

A lucky find: The Dog and Oyster Vineyard. Can't go wrong here – friendly dogs, delicious local oysters and tasty wine. It was the perfect pit stop for our Sunday drive home, and the owner/manager, Mark, really treated us well. We could have stayed here alllll day.

And of course a random antique store on the side of the country road. This one was an old two-story home with seven other buildings on the property, filled to the brim with antiques and architectural salvage. I left with an ice cream scoop.

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